Suicide is Painless

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Jay Jay Johanson; very popular in France but less known in Amerika because of ramping homophobia, jjj is my best company when in deep melancholia. Some of his music is so sad that I feel ok by simple comparison. Although his last two cds were crap (Antenna and Rush) his first three cds (Whiskey, Tattoo, and Poison) were really gluey.

Jumping Artists

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Some of us jump to make ourselves more desirable, and some us to make other artist’s dreams a reality.

This article here below explains a facet of our risky chosen career that up to this point escaped me all together. I saw it happened here in Miami with some good artists but was not aware of the game.

The First Gallerists’ Club
Published: June 18, 2006

In my first podcast published March 11, 2006, I spoke about the artists behind the artists. This article here explains well what I meant to say.

Looks Brilliant on Paper. But Who, Exactly, Is Going to Make It?
Published: May 7, 2006

I just received, hot off amazon Collecting Contemporary By: Adam Lindemann

The first quote on the book can give you an idea what the book might be about. ‘Art is about life, the art market is about money.’ —Damien Hirst. The book contains 40 interviews with the biggest players in the global art market.


Isabelle Huppert

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The more I see movies that include Isabelle Huppert’s talents, the more I realize that she can easily be the subject of inspiration for infatuation, crazed, fascination and obsession. As redundant as all these adjectives may seem, I do mean their subtle and different meanings.

The more I see her movies, the more it is evident to me that the following characteristics appear again and again. She knows what she wants; she seduces à volonté, she is always ready to make herself happy, to fulfill her sexual desires without a care of her love ones, basically ready to deceive. She is smart, witty and manipulating. She is always ready to smile at a joke and play with hidden and private humor. She is always lovely. She feels her emotions all the way without self-consciousness. She is always ready for the unthinkable. She is trully all the way or no way, ready to play. She is ultra human. I have the impression that her true personality is not far from her multiple representations of herself in other movie characters.


Now, before starting this text, I of course googled her and found, not to my surprise, that she has being used for multiple infatuation acts by contemporary artists for what seems a couple decades already, many artists have capture her magic in photos and the latest seems to be Roni Horn where she portraits Isabelle in only facial expressions of her different movie roles, truly a masterpiece idea. Please visit the examples here to see my point: a, b, c, d.


Not realizing this, when I started this text, I had already painted her, well only her legs in a scene from I Heart Huckabees. I painted that painting because of the extreme erotic desire I felt when I saw that scene, which of course was not properly translated to oil but I felt this image could decipher as a single icon a part of our existence as well as going towards my wish of the portrayal of today’s desires.