Urban Invader

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Space Invader, an artist who’s work I noticed as I was coming into paris from the expressway last trip and then my friend explained to me that he was an artist. Yesterday I saw his work around the Sacré Coeur church and I thought you should know about it since he has done it in many cities but not in Miami…

His work consist of illegal mosaics using the icons of the popular Space Invaders video game of the 80’s. He has a website and a newsletter telling you where the last intervention happened. go> space-invaders.com

He also has a whole developed philosophy about why he does it and many other articles that can be found on his wikipedia page english french

Here are so far the ones I have seen personally… >>


Palais de Tokyo

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I thought I should give you all a little gift from the artworks I saw at Palais de Tokyo in Paris last November in a exhibition entitled Five Billion Years. The video podcast is of the works I could actually record… some were so experimental that the lighting conditions were impossible. This exhibition had local artist Mark Handforth and the actual video has artists I found to be excellent and brought a hmmm/smile to my face.

Here is the beginning of the exhibition’s statement:
5,000,000,000 YEARS is an exhibition that places itself within the FIVE BILLION YEARS chapter by way of a mutation. Synonymous yet clearly dissimilar, the exhibition and the program-chapter that contains it create an endless feedback loop, each one mutating as it transfers back into the other. read the rest here.(once there, scroll down for the English version)


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To continue this blog… I would like to know if there is anybody reading it… if so leave a comment… I would be in Paris from December 26th to January 16th …2007. I wish you all a Happy New Year 2007.

Best of My Year 2006

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Marie-Agnès Gillot in White Darkness, Ballet de l'Opéra national de Paris, Choreography: Nacho Duato

Love of the year (and many years to come): Elisabeth G
Live Concert of the year: CSS Live in Paris
Kiss of the year: Elisabeth G
Podcast of the year: the chicklet show
Blog of the year: the next few hours
Crush of the year: Lisette G
Video Club of the Year: Netflix
Band of the year: CSS
Job of the year: Miami Art Services
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Dance Opera of the year: White Darkness
Gift of the year: Elisabeth G
Conversation of the year: Vickie P
Webmail of the year: Gmail
Cellphone of the year: Krzr
Artist of the year: Ida T & Wil M
Porno site of the year: soft-tits.com
Movie of my year: Le Samurai
Book of the year: L’art à perte de Vue
Museum of the year: Palais de Tokyo
Encounter of the year: Axel dC & Laurent dR
Sad School of th year: ENSA Dijon
Site designed this year: chicomalojay.com
Friend of the year: Isa M
City of the year: Paris
Town of the year: La Rochelle
Groove Music of the year: Mulatu Astatke
Video of the Year: Let’s make Love
World Music of the year: Amadou & Mariam

Fuck Pinochet and all their followers

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Inch Ahla – Ojala, originally uploaded by pablogt.

In this days of irony where I have to see cubans living in france and spain talking about Fidel Castro as if he was the best thing that happened to cubans, I have to say FUCK ALL of YOU with your narrow vision of geopolitics.

Perrotin’s Disgrace

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Here cool guy Dig explains during Art Basel 2006 in this podcast about Perrotin’s latest show statement with riches in which artists Elmgreen & Dragset’s piece entitled Disgrace showcases a moving vehicle. Also this work reminds me of Beltrand Lavier‘s black piano and red ferrari carefully painted in every detail. This might be a less worked miami moving version of Lavier’s work. I think the statement of old car cover with oil, feathers and a maid all together is clear.



Art hole

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Revolutionary, originally uploaded by pablogt.

Lately I have this song on my head… by CSS, art bitch is revolutionary. I like it… suck my art hole is one part of the lyrics, I am not sure exactly why it makes me dream of art girls, I like what it she says during this song, maybe there is a double meaning to the words, etc.. Listen to it and support the artists by buying their cd. (ps: my girl did already) Cansei de Ser Sexy

Art Basel Withdraw

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Felix Gonzalez-Torrez, originally uploaded by pablogt.

Now that all the noise and glitter is gone, all that is left is a empty feeling of disassociation with this career of being an artist. It is as if the art basel drug was missing. My yearly fix is over and it seems that all that is left now is waiting for next year’s show. Even when my head is more in other important ideas at this point, I kind of wish that art basel lasted longer than four days, it would allow for more thought-artwork process.

Ce fini art bale miami beach 2006

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fini, originally uploaded by pablogt.

Here is a slide show of the 296 pictures taken with my cellphone and camera during art basel miami beach 2006.

Art Consierge

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, originally uploaded by pablogt.

We are all one way or another rendering services to the are market.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2006

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We Are All Inperfect
, originally uploaded by pablogt.

We Are All Imperfect is truly the slogan for this period. Here are some pictures of the art fairs that I have seen so far during Art Basel 2006.

Seing Gold

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Gold Rush
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Here are some behind the scenes of one of the exhibitions happening during ar tbasel miami beach 2006. All the money spent in some things can always be spent on other things.

Chicklet Show Girl in Miami

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chicklet show girl, originally uploaded by pablogt.

The chicklet show girl (aka Daniela Edburg) is in Miami with a super fresh solo show at Kunsthaus Miami during the Art Basel Miami Beach extravaganza and until Art Miami in January. Come visit Kunsthaus Miami Saturday 9th from 7-11pm to meet her and see how joyful and smart she is. I took some pictures for you guys to have an idea of how good and fun the show is go> Also here is a link to her awesome sexy drunk talk show that just recently had its first year of conversations go>