Taking Off

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12-25-06_1559, originally uploaded by pablogt.

I thought you will enjoy some videos done with my phone in airplane mode (very safe) while taking off, while flying and while landing. I will be posting them during the next three nights… some interesting things happening with the 3g compression… fly away… and dream.

Guy Debord

January 2, 2007By pablogtBlogt, films 3 Comments

guy debord, originally uploaded by rosenbergs1825.

La Societe de Consommation (me) just bought the film La Societe du Spectacle by Guy Debord and all his other films (L’int├ęgrale in a box) and I am very intrigue by their content. I would like to share this experience with you all in Miami when I return. I would like to invite my four readers and any body else interested on a screening of his films at my studio. All we need is a multi format dvd reader and projector.

Grand Celeste

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If you ever come by Paris, please don’t miss Le Cirque du Grand Celeste. This cirque is a contradiction to all the great circus productions of the world. It is small but it is magnificent in its creativity and solution to space and scale. I found myself reflecting on scale of artworks; as artists these days are doing more and more super produced/sponsored artworks, I find this approach of the simple and smart to work better and to be at human scale that can relate better to the spectator. Some of you who might have being fascinated by some scenes of the circus in Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire might enjoy this place as well.

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