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Le journal Particules

Le journal Particules; reflexions about contemporary art, is a free journal I noticed in Paris last January, it has a website with the articles for you cool us-miami francophones, also those of you in the arts that want to practice French (specially artmonger), this is perfect for it. The articles I read were great, to the point in sometimes complicated French but most times easy to read French. I loved it… they allow themselves to make comments you would never see in artforum or frieze. enjoy it go>

Honoring Manet Trailer

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Here is a trailer art piece that I liked from the same two artists I reported on yesterday. Please click on play now and please be advised the content is sexually explicit… and it is art.

Le dejeuner sur l’herbe (2006) by Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau
Hommage to Edouard Manet

Here is the trancript of the trailer translated from the original French dialogues:

I undera • Me • I don’t understand • Contem…porla art • Contemporla art • Contempora art • Contemporary art • I need some action • What can I do? • Tina, do you want also? • Yes why not • These carrots are cold • I like it when it starts to glide • My am so blored • I am so bovrled • Bored • I am bored! • I also want to • Finally some action • Those young guys are crazy • I wait and see… what will happen • I know… what will happen • She sucks good this-one • Allright it’s blonde • Oh yes she’s blonde • Oh yes she’s hot this blonde • This old guy stinks • I know his dick by heart • I neam qua want it fuck • Now I’m going to fuck you • Like a dog • Camembert is so delicious! • I love cheese! • It starts to stink • To stink • At least I earn my five thousand crones • For moment it’s ok • For the moment it’s ok • I’ve had enough • I want to fuck • Not to eat the camendberts • The camen… cag… cagam… cam… mam… bert • Hopefully it’s will be over soon • Hopefully it will be over soon • Oh yes she sucks gool • She sucks gool • She sucks good! • They have no… imagination… these artists • It’s really terrible • Me, I like it! • Now we are going to eat… chocolate mousse! • It looks like poo • Go on, go on my dear… eagle! • Go on, go on my dear… eat it! • Go on my pig… eat the tomatoe! • He’s quite cute this pig isn’t he? • Bon appetit!

Mac Smashing Artist

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Today I received an email with a a few links… to a long semi-boring artist video presentation of their work (Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau) and at the end something that looks planned but cool anyhow happened… check out the edited version.

To read more about this presentation go here pdf, and to see the entire video go here… mov, wmv. To find out more about these two artists go here



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Once again in the hd bliss of Voom – Gallery HD’s new series Artland: USA, two hosts skip New York and L.A. (Miami is not even in their map), pile into a big RV, and drive across the country in search of art.

They make their way through big and small towns, from private museums to roadside attractions, this road documentary looks like a different type of show and it is. I found it to be not as fun as Artstar but I can look at it. go>