Chiho Aoshima

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So this is the second week since we came back from india and not yet fully engaged in a hardwork’s day. So I took a 30 minute walk from our flat and I visit around ten galleries in paris and took some pictures for you all, I could not stop but noticing that many artist do works with skulls on it… I noticed that while back but here is the proof… five artists , three did skulls… anyways so enjoy the photo set here

There were pictures by and of Andy Warhol and a skull and gold hands by Douglas Gordon as well as a video performance on location at the Pompidou Museum at Yvon Lambert and Chiho Aoshima at Emmanuel Perrotin’s.

Where is Cuba?

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Recently I had an adventure in India for a month… everyone wanted our money one way or another… there was no space for meeting people and having friendships, other than meeting people with the prospect of us paying something… that is a bit familiar to my 10 years in Miami… so that was not shocking… what was surprising was that no one person knows where Cuba is… or what a cuban cigar is or Cuban rum… and even less Cuban music… so voila… I always thought my country was known accross the world for its contributions to this planet but not… Not many people know where Cuba is in India… you also need to know that many people in India know barely how to read… so it is understandable but curios anyways that Cuba does not exist in this country…

Country boy in Paris

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New Studio

Here is a pic of my current 4 square feet studio in paris… not glamorous but gets the work done, also please note that I have updated my slide show with new paintings of the current year, the new design is made to view large scale images in bigger screens or higher resolutions.