Punk Story

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This is England

Recently I saw This is England by Shane Meadows. I liked this film’s perspective so much… I sometimes get flashes from it… I always thought I had a punk attitude but not quite… before punk became white supremacist… it was for everyone who lived on the side of main stream everything… a rebellious attitude towards everything that was wrong… this days it seems that it is even more necessary… yet… this days we have the internet and the ideas go faster but do they really change anything? corporations rules us… even if we don’t want, my life experiences to go from Castro to Corpo seem funny now… mean while I am wondering if artbasel miami beach and my country are going to disappear thanks to the rising global water level.

Anselm Kiefer

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Recently I visited an installation by Anselm Kiefer at the Louvre… it was big… here are a few pictures for you to see… Apparently it is the first time in fifty years they do this since Georges Braque was also commissioned back when… read some here.

Blueberry Nights

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My Blueberry Nights disappoints…, the latest film by Wong Kar Wai… his films have inspired some of my paintings in the past… even the ones I did not like… and this time the characters are weak, the music is too loud, the visual effects are over done and the film in general does not convey the strong feelings it tries to portrait… a bit like my work…