Gerhard Richter

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Koln, originally uploaded by pablogt.

Last weekend I had a nice love weekend with my girl in Koln were we visited the city (Gerhard Richter’s home town) and the Ludwig Museum where there was a Piet Mondrian exhibition with cool retrospective artworks and where it was very hard to take pictures, but I took some for the fun anyways… The museum had lots of German artists were I was able to check out my fetish artists Richter and Polke and many others. We did not buy cologne water… lol more on Gerhard Richter here, more on the museum here, see the slide show here

Back to Frogland…

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Ferdinand Hodler

Back in Paris and getting busy. A friend (Brent) invited me to see an exhibition at the Musée d’Orsay of swiss painter Ferdinand Hodler of the Modernist movement known for his portraits and landscapes. I have to say I did not know this painter… but some works were interesting to me…I found it coincidental how the subject of mortality was there at the end of his life’s work… and I am worring about it now… hmmm

Ferdinand Hodler 7 Ferdinand Hodler 6 Ferdinand Hodler 5 Ferdinand Hodler 8
Ferdinand Hodler 4 Ferdinand Hodler 3 Ferdinand Hodler 2 Ferdinand Hodler 1