Wang Du

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Wang Du, International Kebab, 2008, Rotating Installation
Wang Du, International Kebab, 2008, Rotating Installation

Wang Du’s International Kebab, a rotating installation where the public is invited to attack the art work with a bread cutting knife falls in the Defacing movement that I keep referencing in this blog. Can anybody else see it happening? More on Wang Du at La Force de l’art here

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Pierre Bismuth

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Pierre Bismuth
Pierre Bismuth

Pierre Bismuth does some defacing too:

“For his ongoing series, Following the right hand, Pierre Bismuth does just that. He projects a feature film onto a sheet of Plexiglas and painstakingly follows the movements of the lead actress’ right hand with a black marker. The resultant abstract drawings are then enframed over a 30 by 40 inch photographic print of a still image from the film. The image selected by the artist represents the moment that he disengages from the actress, sometimes near the beginning of the film, creating a simple drawing; but just as often near the end of the film, creating an aggressive thicket of marks that almost obliterate the filmic image. In this way, the motion picture is occluded by a chance pattern that constitutes a kind of messy signature made by the actress. There is an undeniably fetishistic aspect of this work, as a portion of its appeal is linked to the actress’s name and aura; at the same time, the focus on the squiggly marks paradoxically negates the film, along with its star, by obscuring them with black ink, frustrating our desire to connect with the screened image.”

Find out more here

Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle

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Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle, Laurence Sterne, found image
Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle, Laurence Sterne, found image

Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle do some defacing on their Natural Education project.

“What does Jean-Jacques Rousseau tell us? He says that we are born weak, that we are born stupid, without judgement; unprovided for, we need aid. This aid will come to us from education, which will cultivate us like plants. Self-reliant, observant of the world around us, we will learn the consequences of liberty, of choice, Removed from the corrupting effects of society, we will move back to our natural state, like the wild girl of the woods of Champagne; we will not follow rules; rather, we will learn from the consequences of our actions, and later, we may read literature and philosophy, when we have developed the capacity to judge.”

Information about these artists thanks to Caroline Rossiter via

Defacing Dictators

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Drawing my friends for the second defacing project was an interesting and enriching process where I tried to match my perception of their personality with their portrait and that was quite a reminiscent approach that in most cases brought me a smile. Drawing dictators is dangerous proposition… in my case… I fell empathy for these guys while I was drawing them, I felt under their charisma. I never thought this would be possible. Hence the need to preempt the Defacing process… here are some samples and a couple of studio pics: