Seing Gold

December 4, 2006Blogt, burrito

Gold Rush, originally uploaded by pablogt. Here are some behind the scenes of one of the exhibitions happening during ar tbasel miami beach 2006. All the money spent in some things can always be spent on other things.

Chicklet Show Girl in Miami

December 3, 2006Blogt, friends, photos, podcast

chicklet show girl, originally uploaded by pablogt. The chicklet show girl (aka Daniela Edburg) is in Miami with a super fresh solo show at Kunsthaus Miami during the Art Basel Miami Beach extravaganza and until Art Miami in January. Come visit Kunsthaus Miami Saturday 9th from 7-11pm to meet her and see how joyful and … Read More

Google Brain

October 24, 2006Blogt, burrito

Today I was having a normal dream about I don’t know what anymore, but in it I did what I guess must be what many now want. A google search engine that searches your own brain. “Google Brain” It would be great for anyone trying to remember something. It would be the final reach of … Read More

Le Samourai

October 22, 2006Blogt, films

Recently (five months ago) I saw the movie Le Samourai by Director Jean-Pierre Melville recommended to me by a respected miami artist and seconded the same night by dig. So I eagerly put it on top of my netflix list. I saw it and made notes while I watch it in the hopes of making … Read More

Fiac 2006

October 15, 2006Blogt, burrito

Work by Jordi Colomer, No Future, 2006 26-30 October 2006

Yan Pei Ming

Yan Pei Ming

October 8, 2006Blogt, burrito

This man has long being inspirational for me, as I mentioned in my previous post he was my teacher in Ecole de Beaux Arts Dijon (by the way, since I graduated the state has change the name of the school to just “school of art” and has taken the fine out of the fine art … Read More

White Night

October 7, 2006Blogt, burrito

Check out this social art event in the streets of paris organized by JEROME SANS & and one of my favorite art writers NICOLAS BOURRIAUD. Nuit Blanche is a night where everybody parties in paris from 7pm till 7am while checking some great contemporary artists, including one of my teachers Yan Pey Ming and an … Read More

Ugly Pictures

September 21, 2006Blogt, burrito

This cool motion thing came to me courtesy of uglypictures via youtube>via dig>via Jiae >via motionographer

Salamanca Love

September 9, 2006Blogt, burrito, music

I once felt it. — Since some of you might not get what the heck is this post about, allow me to clarify it. I once left Miami for a girl in France… We met in Salamanca, Spain and it was fire love, young love, playground love, she was and might still be my favorite … Read More

Suicide is Painless

August 30, 2006Blogt, music

Jay Jay Johanson; very popular in France but less known in Amerika because of ramping homophobia, jjj is my best company when in deep melancholia. Some of his music is so sad that I feel ok by simple comparison. Although his last two cds were crap (Antenna and Rush) his first three cds (Whiskey, Tattoo, … Read More

Jumping Artists

August 27, 2006Blogt, books

Some of us jump to make ourselves more desirable, and some us to make other artist’s dreams a reality. This article here below explains a facet of our risky chosen career that up to this point escaped me all together. I saw it happened here in Miami with some good artists but was not aware … Read More

Isabelle Huppert

August 20, 2006Blogt, films, photos

The more I see movies that include Isabelle Huppert’s talents, the more I realize that she can easily be the subject of inspiration for infatuation, crazed, fascination and obsession. As redundant as all these adjectives may seem, I do mean their subtle and different meanings. The more I see her movies, the more it is … Read More

Art Radio

July 19, 2006Blogt, podcast

You all might be aware of this already, but just in case, check out one of my favorite art writers, the unique Thomas McEvilley in the PS1 Art Radio podcast. His book Art and Discontent: Theory at the Millennium is the only one I have read so far but it is so exciting in its … Read More

Artstar Reality

July 7, 2006Blogt, burrito

Recently I leaped in to the hd bliss of Voom and its Gallery Channel. …Originally I came to it thinking it would be a dumb down channel for the masses, but quickly discovered this channel is closely tied up to the German/French celebrated and my favorite ARTE channel and of course it is all but … Read More