Promiscuous Girl/Boy

July 2, 2006Blogt, burrito, music, podcast

Loose As I spend an evening listening to the sticky tune by Nelly Furtado, Promiscuous Girl, I can not stop thinking of some girls. No words from me.. at this time, maybe in a future posting During a party last week, I saw this girl I was hitting on being played by a friend of … Read More

Studio in 2002

June 18, 2006Blogt, photos

I found these pictures recently, this is the way my studio looked like in 2002. Those of you who talk to me often will know that my second harddrive died and I lost all my pictures, so these come like a memento about what my studio was at the end of 2002. See other pictures … Read More

The Decalogue

April 17, 2006Blogt, films

I started watching Krzysztof Kieslowski’s The Decalogue, I could not believe how much emotion can be achieved with so little effort. It is all about the faces, they convey it all, and it reminded me of John Cassavetes’ Shadows.

Mishima Mon Amour

April 14, 2006Blogt, books, films, music, photos

I first heard of Mishima from a friend I loved, she told me that he was one of Japan’s greater writers. Time passed and I later purchased in an impulse many of Philip Glass’ recordings. One of them was Mishima, I loved the music and listen to it for more than a year… and one … Read More

Bloging as self-analysis

April 13, 2006Blogt, burrito

Are all my blogging efforts a way to get analyzed? shrinked? I noticed that my blogs are ending with questions often, apart from the obvious vanity aspects of bloging, maybe we are bloging to know if we can find answers to everyone’s questions and dilemmas, maybe we want to know what others think, maybe we … Read More

Thinking outside the box

April 13, 2006Blogt, burrito, music

Teaches of Peaches (Bonus CD) Normally when people would use the expression “thinking outside the box”, I would understand that I need to do my job some what different from others and to approach the task with a different perspective. Today I was told to think outside the box and all I could see in … Read More

Love Is Colder Than Death

April 2, 2006Blogt, films

As I just reached 2000 movies watched in netflix and I just watched my first Fassbinder movie Love Is Colder Than Death (1969) by Rainer Werner Fassbinder recommended to me by colleague Vince, I wonder, how many other great directors am I missing out on? Probably lots, but can anybody recommend me anything amazing like … Read More

the chicklet show

March 27, 2006Blogt

There is a podcast that makes me laugh, puts my grey cells to work, exercises my nose, gets me hard and keeps me company while I do my job, listen to it!


March 19, 2006Blogt, films

The following movie was recommended to me by David Leroi In turn I recommend it to you, this movie is one of the best movies to come out in the past three years and it is a true visual experience… see it!

Mulatu Astatke

March 18, 2006Blogt, films, music

There is a Band/Musician I recently discovered while seeing Jarmusch’s Broken Flowers Mulatu Astatke rocks in my opinion. The recordings are from 72-74 but feel fresh to me.

that’s not art!

March 14, 2006Blogt

Check out dr andy warhola from australia. Dr Andy Warhola has a Phd in Sensitivity in the Arts and if the arts gives you the shits this series is made for you! Art? Why is it so stupid? Architects? Why do they hate clients? Dr Andy tells you what it’s all about and what’s NOT … Read More

The Secret Life of an Art Preparator

March 11, 2006Blogt, podcast

Here is what happens to artists when they work for Art Galleries, Art Centers and Museums for long; they drink a beer! What else did you expect? Suicide? Although it is almost recommended, we just keep going on the sidelines, making the art centers and recognized artist’s dreams come true.

Hello world!

March 6, 2006Blogt, burrito

Hi guys… three people only know about this blog for now. ok… well today I… nope check my new painting… here


January 10, 1999Statement

If what we are is based on the experiences we have lived, and the memories of these experiences mutate with time, then we are no more than just a metaphor of ourselves.