Snap Judgements

Here is a backstage podcast of a current miami exhibition at MAC courtesy of dig


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  • Of course, I enjoyed seeing the exhibition and plan to return, I’m curious about how this video was or would be viewed by the museum’s staff and security. I only bring it up because of my previous experience having worked in the sensitive environment that is a museum with all its legal and insurance issues. Yeah, I’m sounding conservative and throwing a wet blanket on the preview but, one would hate to see something negative arise out of the public release of such material (even if I’m one of those two readers). *smile*

  • you might be right but the exposure is so small…
    four readers tops..
    plus what are we showing that is so private?

  • Jide Rodriguez de la Concepción, i think you want to speak of the organizational structure of museums. And maybe, want to discuss a museum online presences. And I would be curious as well to know the museum’s staff’s response to my bit of free P.R. I suspect it will be welcomed. I suspect museums genereally welcome all attentions to works and exhibitions they present. In this case, I am not sure that there was any security concern. I offered a bit of preview of an exhibition which has a significant presence online, courtesy of the ICP. What I offer exist in between; the unraveling of well wrapped packages.
    I think museum should be officially offer such snippets to create buzz or some interest. Press release, though informative, are boring and are without any drama. Blogs, podcast and such are refreshing forms to dissipate redundant information.

  • Previews of the works/shows I think is a good thing. And, I don’t think there was anything in the video to breach security but, I didn’t reexamine it looking for problems. My only concern(s) came from having been in charge of security during the time I worked at MoCA and some precautions that needed to be dealt with in terms of that security and insurance. By that, I mean I was repremanded in one specific instance regarding something that I mentioned in a casual setting, even though no specifics were given in regards to any specific art work(s). I will say, however, that it was in regards to an international loan. When those in charge of facilities don’t have a problem with such previews, I certainly don’t either. Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that kind of thing although it takes a bit of prethought and editing. I know that you all are professionals and wouldn’t show yourselves in ways to compromise credibility or the quality of your professionalism. 😉

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