Hiroshi Sugimoto

November 14, 2017Artists, Blogt

Photography is dead. That news may come as a surprise, since obituaries about art tend to be written about painting. Invented in the 1830s, photo-graphy is still in its infancy as an art form compared to the centuries-old medium of painting. Despite inventions like portable paint tubes and fast-drying acrylic, painting has not undergone the … Read More

Xinyi Cheng

September 9, 2017Artists, Blogt

Xinyi Cheng surprend par ses visions doucement perverses de la masculinité occidentale. Et incarne par extension la relation pacifiée à l’appropriation culturelle d’une nouvelle génération d’artistes chinois à la culture visuelle décloisonnée. – Ingrid Luquet-Gad See more artworks by Xinyi Cheng here: xinyichengart.com

Frank Stella

July 21, 2016Artists, Blogt

I like real art. It’s difficult to define REAL but it is the best word for describing what I like to get out of art and what the best art has. It has the ability to convince you that it’s present – that it’s there. You could say it’s authentic… but real is actually a … Read More

Natasja Kensmil

July 20, 2016Artists, Blogt

Sometimes when you dream, you know that you are almost awake and dawn is on its way and yet you get stuck in a nightmare that keeps on repeating itself. Images of different times spinning around your head in a frenzy, forcing you to go round in endless labyrinths of the past, sometimes dressed-up as … Read More

Lucy Skaer

June 30, 2016Artists, Blogt

Lucy Skaer created these drawings consisting of rhythmic black sharpie spirals in grids, pictorial shapes, and patterns additionally filled in with graphite like a tapestry. She wove together different earlier drawings as a patchwork and utilized a few assistants to carry out the tedious, repetitive labor. Here, we see a play with drawing on paper … Read More

100 Years – 100 Artists

October 21, 2015Blogt, Recent Exhibitions

A l’occasion de la Commémoration du Centenaire du Génocide Arménien, la galerie Sobering organise la soirée exceptionnelle 100 YEARS – 100 ARTISTS le jeudi 29 octobre à 19h30 à l’Hôtel de l’Industrie à Paris, et propose une vente aux enchères d’œuvres d’art contemporain au profit de l’association ARAM (Association pour la Recherche et l’Archivage de … Read More

Elly Strik

July 1, 2015Artists, Blogt

Hay un poema del escritor nigeriano Ben Okri, titulado La entrada, que la artista holandesa Elly Strik (La Haya, 1961) pone como ejemplo para hablar del significado de su obra. En esos versos se habla de los objetos siniestros que germinan en nuestros sueños, del laberinto de la vida en el que ninguna decisión te … Read More

Guccivuitton at ICA Miami

May 13, 2015Recent Exhibitions

Guccivuitton On view May 14, 2015 – September 25, 2015 Over the past two years, Guccivuitton has staked out a unique position that meditates on the rich history of artist-run galleries while presenting content that reflects authentic regional material and vernacular culture. The exhibition at ICA Miami demonstrates the collective’s interests in challenging notions of … Read More

The Look at Guccivuitton

April 22, 2014Recent Exhibitions

The Look Gabriel Bien-Aimé Murat Brierre Lafortune Felix Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo Guyodo Georges Liautaud Marron et Masqué Tomm El-Saieh Serge Toussaint Robert St.Brice Rick Ulysse Vernissage: Saturday April 19, 7-11PM April 19 – May 31, 2014 See more pictures of the opening here.


November 10, 2013Blogt

Grey Paintings is an art project by Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo for The Floor Barcelona.

Grey Paintings

October 2, 2013Blogt, Recent Exhibitions

You are invited to Grey Paintings by Pablo Gonzalez Trejo at The Floor in Barcelona opening Friday October 18, 2013. Join Us The Floor Musitu 08023 Barcelona, Spain Phone +34 933 01 86 28 Email: thefloor.bcn@gmail.com

Nina Beier

May 18, 2012Artists, Blogt

Nina Beier is doing some art defacing sculptures. Comes to you via Federico Nessi. See more artworks by Nina Beier at Standard Oslo.

Boris Achour

January 17, 2012Artists, Blogt

Boris Achour did an art Defacing video for La Force de L’art 2009. You can see this video here. I visited this exhibition back in 2009 and here is my walk.

Michelangelo Pistoletto

June 18, 2011Artists, Blogt

Michelangelo Pistoletto did some art Defacing paintings in the sixties and I loved it. Recently I was able to see a retrospective about one of Arte Povera’s founders ‘Michelangelo Pistoletto: Da Uno a Molti, 1956 – 1974‘, at the sublime MAXXI, Rome’s National Museum of XXI Century Arts designed by Zaha Hadid, a real contemporary … Read More

Blinky Palermo

December 28, 2010Artists, Blogt

Blinky Palermo at LACMA. Love this piece, not sure yet why, but it makes me think of Basquiat’s “Now’s the Time,” an oversized black wooden disk painted with white lines to suggest a massive LP, a tribute to Charlie Parker. See more on Blinky Palermo’s exhibition at contemporaryartdaily.

Christian Boltanski

April 18, 2010Artists, Blogt, burrito, photos

See some Christian Boltanski’s pictures in Monumenta 2010. I liked this odd exhibition but like always… so far, so close. January 1st, 2010, my soon to be family in law had breakfast with Christian Boltanski and Annette Messager. These are artists that I will love to meet … but no luck. I’ll tell you the … Read More


September 24, 2009Blogt, photos, Recent Exhibitions

Join me for a defacing performance November 4th at 7:30 pm at Le 104CENTQUATRE as part of my ongoing Defacing Art Project. Exhibition runs from November 4th to the 8th, 2009. Vernissage opening starts at 6:00 pm Le 104CENTQUATRE 104 rue d’Aubervilliers / 5 rue Curial 75019 Paris M : Stalingrad (ligne 2) , Crimée … Read More

Not Welcome

June 27, 2009Artists, Blogt, Recent Exhibitions

Please join us for an art exhibition performance on July 10th as part of the Defacing Art Project by Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo. Visitors will be invited to deface the artworks so to become iconoclasts making a new departure for the artworks. Place: Freedom Tower – MDC Gallery Opening Reception: Thursday, July 10th, 2009 at 6:30pm Exhibition … Read More

Warhol TV

June 2, 2009Artists, Blogt, films, photos

As an undisclosed Warhol fan, fan, fan, I was extremely happy to see Warhol TV and all his media experiments with all these cool artist (except Courtney Love)