Jeremy Demester

June 7, 2016Artists, Blogt

Jeremy Demester: D’origine gitane, que le jeune artiste (né en 1988) revendique à travers son art et ses voyages, il travaille sur le rapport de l’homme avec le monde, la nature et les mythes fondateurs. En collaboration avec ses amis philosophes, scientifiques, artisans, qu’il appelle La Demestria, il est à la recherche d’une expression du … Read More

Grey Paintings

October 2, 2013Blogt, Recent Exhibitions

You are invited to Grey Paintings by Pablo Gonzalez Trejo at The Floor in Barcelona opening Friday October 18, 2013. Join Us The Floor Musitu 08023 Barcelona, Spain Phone +34 933 01 86 28 Email:

Lili Reynaud Dewar

April 23, 2011Artists, Blogt

Lili Reynaud Dewar does some art Defacing performances around the concept of cultural identity. Google her.

Johnny Cupcakes

March 12, 2011Blogt

Johnny Cupcakes does some cupcake Defacing marketing… looks fun, you can see the behind the scenes here and here.

Brian Bress

December 1, 2010Artists, Blogt

Brian Bress does some tear compositing art Defacing. Comes to you via the big ass Art Basel Miami Beach Fair Catalog. See more of Brian Bress’ artwork here.


November 17, 2010Artists, Blogt

I’ve found this on the net… not sure who did this equus art Defacing.

Arnulf Rainer

July 30, 2010Artists, Blogt

Arnulf Rainer did some art Defacing and was once one of my favorites, I am not sure why I did not think of him earlier when I started blogging about Defacing. Read more on him here.

Jennifer Rubell

April 25, 2010Artists, Blogt

Jennifer Rubell does some social food/piñata Defacing, comes to you via her FB, see video here, read about it here


September 24, 2009Blogt, photos, Recent Exhibitions

Join me for a defacing performance November 4th at 7:30 pm at Le 104CENTQUATRE as part of my ongoing Defacing Art Project. Exhibition runs from November 4th to the 8th, 2009. Vernissage opening starts at 6:00 pm Le 104CENTQUATRE 104 rue d’Aubervilliers / 5 rue Curial 75019 Paris M : Stalingrad (ligne 2) , Crimée … Read More


July 5, 2009Artists, Blogt, podcast Read article at about Orlan here

Not Welcome

June 27, 2009Artists, Blogt, Recent Exhibitions

Please join us for an art exhibition performance on July 10th as part of the Defacing Art Project by Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo. Visitors will be invited to deface the artworks so to become iconoclasts making a new departure for the artworks. Place: Freedom Tower – MDC Gallery Opening Reception: Thursday, July 10th, 2009 at 6:30pm Exhibition … Read More

Mirela Popa Defacing

May 24, 2009Artists, Blogt, podcast

Here is a small clip from the exhibition Portraits d’Amies at the opening reception on September 11th 2008. Video by Françoise Ellong & David Wolfer

Heekyung de Raucourt Defacing

May 24, 2009Blogt, podcast

Here is a small clip from the exhibition Portraits d’Amies at the opening reception on September 11th 2008. Video by Françoise Ellong & David Wolfer

Laurent de Raucourt Defacing

April 16, 2009Blogt, podcast

Here is a small clip from the exhibition Portraits d’amies at the opening reception on September 11th 2008. Video by Françoise Ellong & David Wolfer

Un nouveau concept en art

April 9, 2009Art Texts, Blogt

Posted on Le Monde on 04/09/09 by Emmanuelle Lequeux Le Français Nicolas Bourriaud aime les concepts et ce n’est pas ce qu’il fait de plus mal. Cet ancien directeur du Palais de Tokyo, le principal centre d’art en France, a profité de son exil londonien pour développer son nouveau credo dans le cadre d’une exposition … Read More

Yuan Chai and Jian Jun Xi

April 5, 2009Artists, Blogt

Yuan Chai and Jian Jun Xi deface Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain and Tracy Emin’s piece My Bed When these performance artists walked into the Tate Modern gallery and relieved themselves on Marcel Duchamp’s urinal exhibit, and argued they were paying homage to the French master, I said Genius. “Duchamp’s “ready-made” sculpture ridiculed traditional concepts of art … Read More

Portraits d’Amis Vernissage

September 16, 2008Artists, Blogt, friends, photos

Portraits d’Amis, originally uploaded by pablogt. Here is a few pictures of the Vernissage Portraits d’Amis, an exhibition at Galerie Jeune Creation by Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo. I made tried making portraits of friends and proposed for them to be errased by my friends, here are some pics of that performance.

Portraits d’Amis

September 3, 2008Artists, Blogt, photos, Recent Exhibitions

Galerie Jeune Création presents “Portraits d’Amis” Pablo González Trejo Vernissage Thursday September 11th 2008, 18h00 Exhibition runs from September 12th to October 3rd 2008 Ten friends’ portraits made prior to the reception will be erased during the reception by the friends themselves. 6, Villa Guelma 75018 Paris, France Métro Pigalle (L2) Call for times and … Read More

Bodies to do

March 14, 2008Artists, Blogt, photos

Yesterday I went to a cool Vernisage of a group show called Corps à Faire at Galerie Jeune Creation were I saw a cool performance I did not understand where the shapes reminded me of an old Max Ernst painting.