Martin Le Chevallier

February 12, 2018Artists, Blogt

Parallèlement, Martin Le Chevallier réalise des films, des sortes de fictions/concepts au ton inimitable, drôle, décalé et toujours pertinent, entre autre personnifié par l’excellent Gaëtan Vourc’h, l’acteur que l’on retrouve aussi bien dans L’an 2008, une fable burlesque sur la crise des subprimes, que dans Le Jardin d’Attila (2012). Ce dernier moyen métrage, nourri d’une … Read More

Robert Overby

August 30, 2015Artists, Blogt

In the early 80s, Rosalind Krauss launched a theory about 70s art that seemed to say it all: 70s art was built on the photographic model, she said, it was indexical, tracing a ground rather than representing it. Had the work of the late Californian artist Robert Overby (1935-1993) been better known at the time, … Read More

David Claerbout

November 6, 2014Artists, Blogt

In a not-so-secluded, but unforgiving room on the fourth floor of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, three of David Claerbout’s videos formed a claustrophobic horseshoe of exuberance and brutality – Eugenia Bell See more artworks by David Claerbout here.

Emmanuel Le Cerf

April 10, 2014Artists, Blogt

Emmanuel Le Cerf is be doing some infrared led based metamorphic art defacing. See more of Emmanuel Le Cerf’s artworks here.

Koen Hauser

March 6, 2014Artists, Blogt

Koen Hauser does some art defacing stills installed as animations. See more of his artwork here.

True Detective

January 27, 2014Artists, Blogt, films, music

HBO’s True Detective defacing double exposure effect used to create title sequence is hunting, enveloped by the music. The main title was designed and directed by Elastic‘s Patrick Clair and music by The Handsome Family’s “Far From Any Road.”

Boris Achour

January 17, 2012Artists, Blogt

Boris Achour did an art Defacing video for La Force de L’art 2009. You can see this video here. I visited this exhibition back in 2009 and here is my walk.

The Black Keys

November 1, 2011Artists, Blogt

The Black Keys do some explosive art Defacing in their Brothers album promotion. Funny… See below:


October 8, 2011Blogt, music

Mutemath use some art Defacing illustration for their album Odd Soul. Check out their experimental visual stems mixer here.


April 19, 2011Artists, Blogt

Röyksopp does some video art Defacing for their latest videoclip. See video at ineedaguide.

Daniele Manoli

February 25, 2011Artists, Blogt

Daniele Manoli does some amazing animated alphabet Defacing art videos. See all 26 videos here.

Robert Knoke

September 19, 2010Artists, Blogt

Robert Knoke is almost doing some art Defacing. Read more about Robert Knoke here.

Special Problems

September 4, 2010Blogt

Special Problems like to do art Defacing videos for their clients. more here.

Warhol TV

June 2, 2009Artists, Blogt, films, photos

As an undisclosed Warhol fan, fan, fan, I was extremely happy to see Warhol TV and all his media experiments with all these cool artist (except Courtney Love)

Mirela Popa Defacing

May 24, 2009Artists, Blogt, podcast

Here is a small clip from the exhibition Portraits d’Amies at the opening reception on September 11th 2008. Video by Françoise Ellong & David Wolfer

Heekyung de Raucourt Defacing

May 24, 2009Blogt, podcast

Here is a small clip from the exhibition Portraits d’Amies at the opening reception on September 11th 2008. Video by Françoise Ellong & David Wolfer

Matt and Kim

April 30, 2009Blogt, music

For those of you traveling to New York tomorrow, here is a cool way to experience Times Square…  a new cool video by the band Matt and Kim. via fubiz [flash w=640 h=360 mode=0]

Making of DADE

April 18, 2009Artists, Blogt, films

Check out the making of the film DADE directed by Françoise Ellong and shot by David Wolfer, they use print outs of my latest Defacing works.