Check out dr andy warhola from australia.

Dr Andy Warhola has a Phd in Sensitivity in the Arts and if the arts gives you the shits this series is made for you! Art? Why is it so stupid? Architects? Why do they hate clients? Dr Andy tells you what it’s all about and what’s NOT art!


The surprising thing of his podcast for me is that I agree with most of it myself.

please let me know what you think of it.


  • episode 1 is so far unrewarding. That guy is a characature saying stuff appropriate enough for the part his playing.

    episode 2 is equally maigre. he is defining art only in negation. with statements like, “if it is confusing, then it is stupid” sums up this podcast/vlog.

  • “That’s not art! But it is near enough”. Unfortunately I think his statement has to be taken lightly and seriously at the same time. He is exposing something true about the art community/biz. I think he is an artist that has something to say and I think it is cooking at the right degree, humor can be use to say and confront things about ourselves that are true and not necessarily obvious and easy to face…I consider his statements true in given occasions…Miami occasions…

  • Pablo is on the money. My point is the obvious and the obtuse at the same time, one reveals something of the other. It is no surprise that Miami is not unlkike Adelaide or Riga in regard to art cabals and the clublands within. It is with great affection that i critique this community of which I am a life-long card-carrying member but have trouble accepting the terms and conditions of its use. Our main job is to communicate with those without the membership cards i thought. Dr Andy Warhola.

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