Mishima Mon Amour

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I first heard of Mishima from a friend I loved, she told me that he was one of Japan’s greater writers. Time passed and I later purchased in an impulse many of Philip Glass’ recordings. One of them was Mishima, I loved the music and listen to it for more than a year… and one day I had the curiosity of renting the movie (only to be found on netflix, of course). Well, watching a movie when you know all the music by heart is an exhilarating experience, like feeling more every musical accent, or experiencing more of the frames. I have not read any of his books, but now I have a reason to do so. Does anybody know which book of his would be good to start with?

I later saw Glass in concert in Miami with the Screens, good stuff.

Bloging as self-analysis

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Are all my blogging efforts a way to get analyzed? shrinked? I noticed that my blogs are ending with questions often, apart from the obvious vanity aspects of bloging, maybe we are bloging to know if we can find answers to everyone’s questions and dilemmas, maybe we want to know what others think, maybe we want to be judged, but why are there so many blogs that get themselves in a vulnerable position, then attacked, only to maintain their original point of view. Are we listening to others? Is bloging just a waste of server/hard drive space?

In my case, I am going with dig’s recommendation, “stop thinking about it and just do it

Thinking outside the box

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Teaches of Peaches (Bonus CD)

Normally when people would use the expression “thinking outside the box”, I would understand that I need to do my job some what different from others and to approach the task with a different perspective. Today I was told to think outside the box and all I could see in my head was a small box on the floor and me next to it with a complete lost face. I could not stop laughing at the expression as it was used a few times during the workday.

Does anybody have a Freudian examination to this?

Is it a visual perspective? The image and link to peaches is nonrelated, just like it

Love Is Colder Than Death

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Love Is Colder Than Death

As I just reached 2000 movies watched in netflix and I just watched my first Fassbinder movie Love Is Colder Than Death (1969) by Rainer Werner Fassbinder recommended to me by colleague Vince, I wonder, how many other great directors am I missing out on? Probably lots, but can anybody recommend me anything amazing like Fassbinder?