Pierre Huyghe

January 29, 2012By pablogtArtists, Blogt No Comments

Pierre Huyghe is doing some art Defacing in The Host and The Cloud (2010) a live experiment that became a two-hour film leading the viewer to question his own vision of the things surrounding him, and his relation to collective memory. See some other film stills here.

Jens Hesse

January 9, 2012By pablogtArtists, Blogt No Comments

Jens Hesse might be doing some art Defacing paintings influenced by digital distorted satellite signals. I agree with him… we can find beauty on satellite data drop outs. See more artworks by Jens Hesse here.

Yayoi Kusama

January 8, 2012By pablogtArtists, Blogt No Comments

Yayoi Kusama has in placed a full-fleshed concept she called ‘self obliteration’ better known on this site as ‘Defacing’ but she does not go all the way, she is happy to mark everything with dots which looks nice and dandy but it really obliterates very little. See more of Yayoi Kusama’ artwork here.