Banksy,Vandalised Phone Box_2005
Banksy, Vandalised Phone Box, 2005

Banksy defaces Hirst as well as others… Defacing art seems a strong tendancy now more than ever…

Included in the Sotheby’s auction at Larry Gagosian’s Chelsea digs, is the vandalized phone booth that Banksy installed on a street in the UK in 2005. If memory serves correct about this piece, an old lady remarked that crazy art students were always out of control. Another is a defaced Damien Hirst Pharmaceutical (spot) painting, tited ‘KEEP IT SPOTLESS’. Expect this lot (34) to break any auction record Banksy bidders had set previously. The auction, which is on Valentines Day includes many other notable lots (veritably a who’s who’s of contemporary art), including Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami, Andreas Gursky, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, and Marc Quinn.  via TWBE

Banksy_Ruined Landscape_2007Banksy (defaced Hirst)_Keep it Spotless_2007


  • It was banksy and terry (a film maker And the only person he trusted to film him)
    That made this art

  • I agree with the original production… but the Art Market did with it later is another story… which we can see on the film

  • Hoo whoo… will never own a piece of history or “real” art. Will probably never. But, will at least see someone passionate about what they do. Keep it “real”.. know you are making “historical” money now.. but, please don’t forget those whom loved you before… those person (s) were there for you rich or poor, thick or thin… and honestly, love a good “who done it”, over its ” mine”, in the end. Have always looked forward to a fantastic “who done it”… gueuss I love a great story , no matter brush or pen… l.p.

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