Stefan Bruggemann

Stefan Bruggemann

June 10, 2016Artists, Blogt

Stefan Brüggemann is keen on thinking up titles. So far he has compiled a list of 1,271 of them (‘Show Titles vol. #1’, 2000–6), creating for himself an index of imaginary exhibitions. One might begin, then, with the title of the present show: ‘Soap Box (A Decorative Form of Nihilism)’. A ‘soap box’ would suggest … Read More

Jeremy Demester

June 7, 2016Artists, Blogt

Jeremy Demester: D’origine gitane, que le jeune artiste (né en 1988) revendique à travers son art et ses voyages, il travaille sur le rapport de l’homme avec le monde, la nature et les mythes fondateurs. En collaboration avec ses amis philosophes, scientifiques, artisans, qu’il appelle La Demestria, il est à la recherche d’une expression du … Read More

Stéfane Perraud

March 31, 2016Artists, Blogt

Stéfane Perraud is doing some geometric laser art defacing. See more artworks by Stéfane Perraud here.

Brice Marden

February 8, 2016Artists, Blogt

Brice Marden made these paintings using a mixture of oil and beeswax. The works make you want to claw and scoop into them, not so much to destroy as to ingest them. – Mark Godfrey

Gérard Traquandi

Gérard Traquandi

November 6, 2015Artists, Blogt

Comme beaucoup d’enfants j’aimais et j’aime encore après avoir regardé le soleil en face fermer les yeux très fort et laisser s’imprimer sur les paupières les couleurs qui subsistent suite à cet éblouissement. Faire remonter à la surface du tableau les sensations colorées de ces choses vues ou tout juste aperçues à travers le pare-brise … Read More

Gonzalo Lebrija

November 6, 2015Artists, Blogt

It’s not worth it, says Allen. And it might not be worth for Lebrija either, whose dark Mexican humour and metaphysical bent continues a great tradition of artists and writers. Bittersweet and lucid nihilists, who, despite the impending shadow of failure, never cease in their quest to find the answers to those questions. – Lorena … Read More

The Battle of the Trees

October 31, 2015Blogt

The Book of Taliesin VIII. From The Four Ancient Books of Wales I have been in a multitude of shapes, Before I assumed a consistent form.1 I have been a sword, narrow, variegated, I will believe when it is apparent. I have been a tear in the air, I have been the dullest of stars. I … Read More

Forests & Boutonnières

October 23, 2015Art Texts, Blogt, Statement

Intense moments of perception with the subtleties and grandeur of nature—and they are often one and the same—are among the most potent and lasting archetypes of Beauty and Transcendence which we, citizens of the post-industrial world, still experience. These moments—a small flower blossoming, a spider web, a chrysalis, the arousal from sleep of hidden faunae, … Read More

100 Years – 100 Artists

October 21, 2015Blogt, Recent Exhibitions

A l’occasion de la Commémoration du Centenaire du Génocide Arménien, la galerie Sobering organise la soirée exceptionnelle 100 YEARS – 100 ARTISTS le jeudi 29 octobre à 19h30 à l’Hôtel de l’Industrie à Paris, et propose une vente aux enchères d’œuvres d’art contemporain au profit de l’association ARAM (Association pour la Recherche et l’Archivage de … Read More

Rudolf Stingel

Rudolf Stingel

October 3, 2015Artists, Blogt

Rudolf Stingel has made a career dancing around the idea of painting. He skirts its authority by looking at its components, its physical identity, its visual language and its history. – Michelle Grabner See more artworks by Rudolf Stingel here.

Silke Otto-Knapp

September 7, 2015Artists, Blogt

From a distance the densely worked surfaces resemble the smoothness of enamel. Yet the painterly experiment of London-based German artist Silke Otto-Knapp could have taken quite a different turn: after all, it’s not so far from garden landscapes, atmospheric light, tangled leaves and teeming meadows to the Impressionist ideal. Otto-Knapp came to prominence as a … Read More

Robert Overby

Robert Overby

August 30, 2015Artists, Blogt

In the early 80s, Rosalind Krauss launched a theory about 70s art that seemed to say it all: 70s art was built on the photographic model, she said, it was indexical, tracing a ground rather than representing it. Had the work of the late Californian artist Robert Overby (1935-1993) been better known at the time, … Read More

Dove Allouche

Dove Allouche

July 29, 2015Artists, Blogt

The messy but magical nature of early photography fascinates the French artist Dove Allouche, whose first American solo has been beautifully installed in this gently renovated former factory, on Grand – By Karen Rosenberg See more artworks by Dove Allouche here

Hasegawa Tōhaku

July 3, 2015Artists, Blogt

Tohaku Hasegawa is one of most important Japanese painters ever, and the most important painter of the country during the Azuchi-Momoyama period, along with Kanō Eitoku, with whom he developed an important artistic rivalry. He was the founder of the so-called Hasegawa School of painting, which kept its importance for over two centuries. The “Pine … Read More

Julie Mehretu

July 3, 2015Artists, Blogt

The large canvases by Ethiopian-born American artist, Julie Mehretu, for example, reveal a mesmerizing play of grey and black with a similar economy of means, smeared into a frenzied cursive of mark-making that refuses to congeal into sense or sign. – Laura Hoptman See more artworks by Julie Mehretu here.

Elly Strik

Elly Strik

July 1, 2015Artists, Blogt

Hay un poema del escritor nigeriano Ben Okri, titulado La entrada, que la artista holandesa Elly Strik (La Haya, 1961) pone como ejemplo para hablar del significado de su obra. En esos versos se habla de los objetos siniestros que germinan en nuestros sueños, del laberinto de la vida en el que ninguna decisión te … Read More

Guccivuitton at ICA Miami

May 13, 2015Recent Exhibitions

Guccivuitton On view May 14, 2015 – September 25, 2015 Over the past two years, Guccivuitton has staked out a unique position that meditates on the rich history of artist-run galleries while presenting content that reflects authentic regional material and vernacular culture. The exhibition at ICA Miami demonstrates the collective’s interests in challenging notions of … Read More

Viviane Sassen

March 28, 2015Artists, Blogt

in Sassen’s exhibition, the interplay between style and genre becomes something both conceptual and downright physical. Thus the formal galleries help to immediately assert what the exhibition text refers to a ‘museuological touch’ to Sassen’s depiction of a ‘fleeting fashion world’ – Annie Goodner See more here

Hans Op de Beeck

Hans Op de Beeck

January 10, 2015Artists, Blogt

One realizes that op De Beeck has something of his fictional characters within him and, under the auspices of fiction, is opening a discussion about the benefits of building a symbolic structure to inhabit, a latticed bulwark against life’s turmoil that is more important than any single creative product. – Martin Herbert See more artworks … Read More