Back to Frogland…

January 23, 2008Artists, Blogt, photos

Back in Paris and getting busy. A friend (Brent) invited me to see an exhibition at the Musée d’Orsay of swiss painter Ferdinand Hodler of the Modernist movement known for his portraits and landscapes. I have to say I did not know this painter… but some works were interesting to me…I found it coincidental how … Read More

New Painting

January 2, 2008Artists, Blogt

Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo, Tali, 66 x 96 inches, 168 x 244 cm, 2007, Oil on Canvas

Jay Ore

December 10, 2007Artists, Blogt, photos

Jay Ore, originally uploaded by pablogt. Jay Ore… a miami artist that sees ufos… take a look at his site here

Punk Story

December 9, 2007Blogt, films

Recently I saw This is England by Shane Meadows. I liked this film’s perspective so much… I sometimes get flashes from it… I always thought I had a punk attitude but not quite… before punk became white supremacist… it was for everyone who lived on the side of main stream everything… a rebellious attitude towards … Read More

Anselm Kiefer

December 5, 2007Art Texts, Artists, Blogt

Recently I visited an installation by Anselm Kiefer at the Louvre… it was big… here are a few pictures for you to see… Apparently it is the first time in fifty years they do this since Georges Braque was also commissioned back when… read some here.

Blueberry Nights

December 3, 2007Blogt, films

My Blueberry Nights disappoints…, the latest film by Wong Kar Wai… his films have inspired some of my paintings in the past… even the ones I did not like… and this time the characters are weak, the music is too loud, the visual effects are over done and the film in general does not convey … Read More

Lilian Bourgeat

November 27, 2007Artists, Blogt, photos

  P1040006.JPG, originally uploaded by pablogt. Another Dijon Graduate… makes it big… in the good pop tradition.  

Ida Tursic and Wilfried Mille

November 26, 2007Art Texts, Artists, Blogt, friends, photos

P1030725.JPG, originally uploaded by pablogt.   Dijon Graduates art big… too. These two friends Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille graduated from Beaux Arts Dijon the same year as me and have become very strong in their work. I was happy to see this new work they are doing… take a look… read more here, see … Read More

Sigmar Polke

November 23, 2007Artists, Blogt, photos

P1030203.JPG, originally uploaded by pablogt. Sigmar Polke is the master… king of the biennale… it felt like he had the most wall space of any other artist, long time ago (97) I saw his retrospective in Germany with a title that never left me… The Three Lies of Painting, his exhibition made me changed my … Read More

Eric Duyckaerts

November 22, 2007Artists, Blogt, photos

P1030133.JPG, originally uploaded by pablogt. One of my teachers at Beaux Art Dijon, Eric Duyckaerts was selected to represent his native country of Belgium for the Venice Biennale 07 and I was happy to see his crazy philosophical work installed… he does philosophical art lectures as pieces of artwork (he talks about La Linea in … Read More

Sandra Nakamura

November 21, 2007Art Texts, Artists, Blogt, photos

Recently I participated in an juried exhibition called Young Creations and in it I met Sandra Nakamura, an artist I recommend you take a look. I was able to speak to her and I was impressed with her way of conveying her ideas… as well as her work, take a look at what she does… … Read More

Adler Guerrier

November 20, 2007Artists, Blogt, friends, photos

Adler Guerrier’s Work, originally uploaded by pablogt. Congratulations to Adler Guerrier for being admitted to the Whitney Biennale 08 and just announced as an addition to Ingalls & Associates Gallery roaster of artists… his site, read more here, his gallery here.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

November 19, 2007Artists, Blogt, photos

P1030210.JPG, originally uploaded by pablogt. A Cuban in Venice, the other day I was able to see the catalogue raisonne of Wifredo Lam and saw that he shot lots of what looks like super eight in Venice back on his days… It is a shame that this, my favorite and most influential Cuban artist is … Read More

Venice Biennale 07

November 18, 2007Blogt, photos

The Venice Biennale is the 52nd International Art Exhibition with the subtitle Think with the Senses – Feel with the Mind … it was interesting… yet it let me empty… It ends in a few days and here are a few pics (379) for you to review the artwork shown at this survey of contemporary … Read More


November 14, 2007Artists, Blogt, photos

P1040128.JPG, originally uploaded by pablogt. Here are 441 pictures of the French art fair FIAC 2007 in Paris for you to review and see what I saw… I hope you can enjoy it.

Super Flat

November 13, 2007Artists, Blogt, podcast

Denied to participate but always fascinated by the superflat culture… Congratulations to the TM Sisters and David Leroi… Take a look at this video about Takashi Murakami’s theory of the super flat done by the BBC: Toying with Art

Skulls in Contemporary Art

November 12, 2007Blogt, photos

hirstskull.jpg, originally uploaded by pablogt. Now that I have joined the skull making club of contemplation on life and death, youthful beauty, the brevity of human life, the inevitability of death, or simply the fashion wave, which ever suits you… I would like you to send images of skulls present in the contemporary art scene … Read More

Young Creations 07

November 8, 2007Blogt, photos

P1040594.JPG, originally uploaded by pablogt. Here are a few pictures of the art works currently on exhibition at Young Creations 07 happening at the Bellevilloise in Paris, France. See the slideshow here

Pipi dans mon ragou

November 3, 2007Blogt, burrito

Lately I have being laughing my ass of with a French Canadian web tv show called tetes a claques take a look, you risk to laugh a bit… I recommend the wily waller 2006