Jeune Création 2007

October 29, 2007Blogt

Opening Reception / Vernissage Jeune Création 2007 Friday November 2nd 2007 starting at 6:00pm at the Bellevilloise at 19-21 rue Boyer 75020 Paris Metro: Gambetta Exhibition runs from Nov 2nd to Nov 11th 2007 more information here Read the press release (french), they flatted me by using one of my art works in their press … Read More

Chiho Aoshima

September 26, 2007Blogt, photos, podcast

P1020658.JPG, originally uploaded by pablogt. So this is the second week since we came back from india and not yet fully engaged in a hardwork’s day. So I took a 30 minute walk from our flat and I visit around ten galleries in paris and took some pictures for you all, I could not stop … Read More

Where is Cuba?

September 18, 2007Blogt, burrito

Recently I had an adventure in India for a month… everyone wanted our money one way or another… there was no space for meeting people and having friendships, other than meeting people with the prospect of us paying something… that is a bit familiar to my 10 years in Miami… so that was not shocking… … Read More

Country boy in Paris

September 14, 2007Blogt, burrito

Here is a pic of my current 4 square feet studio in paris… not glamorous but gets the work done, also please note that I have updated my slide show with new paintings of the current year, the new design is made to view large scale images in bigger screens or higher resolutions.

Drawing India

August 18, 2007Blogt

P1000612, originally uploaded by pablogt. Drawing in India feels liberating… So far I am doing only landscapes and so far they allow me to just see color without constraints…

Going to India

August 6, 2007Blogt, friends, photos

Travellers, originally uploaded by pablogt. Here we are trying some hats for our trip to India… I know it does not show but that is a Locust Projects hat… it would have a performance during my travels to India, it would serve as a hat… if galleries were only this useful… anyways… please visit the … Read More

Kunsthaus Miami

July 5, 2007Blogt, Recent Exhibitions

DSC00115.JPG, originally uploaded by pablogt. Drawings drawings, My drawings are different from my paintings as you can see. I had a show in October 2005 with two other Miami artists, the celebrated FLorencio Gelabert and the hard workig network artist Pedro Vizcaino at the recently opened at the time Kunsthaus Miami Gallery opened by Lothar … Read More

Mousse Magazine

July 3, 2007Blogt

Last April, I had the chance to be in Italy for a love weekend to see the great Lago di Como and on our way back saw a great small Contemporary Art Museum called Gamec in Bergamo where I discovered a cool artists: Johannes Kahrs and saw for the first time the large scale drawings … Read More

Party Paris

June 23, 2007Blogt, burrito, friends, photos

DSC06532, originally uploaded by pablogt. Not working for a whole month in Miami: Crazy! Traveling to Paris for a whole month: Expensive! Partying with my love and dearest friends: Priceless!!! Here are a few pictures (124) of Paris in May 2007 >>>

Galerie Espace Helenbeck

April 27, 2007Blogt

DSC05857, originally uploaded by pablogt. Check my exhibition in paris at Galerie Espace Helenbeck here

PC guy John Hodgman is smart-funny

April 15, 2007Blogt, books, burrito

John Hodgman the pc guy in the apple ads is super funny and interesting… I heard him in one of my favorite radio shows in stories of hope and fear and I just had to edit it and have you listen to it… it makes me laugh and reflect at the same time… he has … Read More

Art Opening, Vernissage April 24th, 6:30-10pm, Paris

March 27, 2007Blogt

Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo, Knife, 25 x 32 inches, 64 x 82 cm, 2007, Oil on Canvas Please join me for an Opening Reception – Vernissage on April 24th in Paris from 6:30-10 pm at Espace Helenbeck at 17, rue des Beaux Arts, 75006, Paris, Rigth in front of the Art School. Exhibition runs until June 2nd.

Amadou and Mariam

March 23, 2007Blogt, films, music, podcast

Last year and even this year I have continue to listen to Amadou and Mariam’s Dimanche a Bamako with Manu Chao. Today I just saw a video concert of them in paris, they rule.

Wet at the Rubell Collection

March 22, 2007Blogt, books, burrito, photos

Yesterday I went to the Rubell collection here in Miami to see the current show called Red Eye-L.A. Artists and was happily surprised when I saw the catalog Wet produced by Charo Oquet with one of my paintings on the cover right by the check out machine. The show was like always humbling for someone … Read More

Boat Ride Adventure

March 14, 2007Blogt, burrito

Last Sunday Benny invited me to ride on his little cool boat to Jimbo’s in the Miami Bay. It was cool, we listened to live music, talked to friends, ate smoked salmon and drank cheap beers, and on the way home we lost our motor engine. From that point on it became a Boat Ride … Read More

Studio in 2007

February 25, 2007Blogt, burrito

DSC05103, originally uploaded by pablogt. Some pictures on how the studio looks now.


February 7, 2007Blogt

Le journal Particules; reflexions about contemporary art, is a free journal I noticed in Paris last January, it has a website with the articles for you cool us-miami francophones, also those of you in the arts that want to practice French (specially artmonger), this is perfect for it. The articles I read were great, to … Read More