Jean Bedez

February 14, 2014Artists, Blogt

Jean Bedez does some art defacing drawings. See more artworks by Jean Bedez here.

Burton Machen

February 12, 2014Artists, Blogt

Burton Machen does some art defacing with his Urban Evolution – Portraits Project. See more artworks by Burton Machen here.

Thomas Robson

February 12, 2014Artists, Blogt

Thomas Robson is doing art Defacing. See more of his thought-provoking work here.

Özlem Altin

January 27, 2014Artists, Blogt

Özlem Altin compiles ready made defacing for his art Defacing Installation. Comes to you via defacedbook.

True Detective

January 27, 2014Artists, Blogt, films, music

HBO’s True Detective defacing double exposure effect used to create title sequence is hunting, enveloped by the music. The main title was designed and directed by Elastic‘s Patrick Clair and music by The Handsome Family’s “Far From Any Road.”

David Szauder

December 20, 2013Artists, Blogt

David Szauder is doing some digital art defacing with his project Failed Memory inspired by the parallels between human and digital memory. See more artworks by David Szauder here.


November 10, 2013Blogt

Grey Paintings is an art project by Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo for The Floor Barcelona.

Alena Adamikova

November 6, 2013Artists, Blogt

Alena Adamikova is doing some art defacing paintings. See more artworks by Alena Adamikova here.

Brett Amory

November 5, 2013Artists, Blogt

Brett Amory is doing some art defacing paintings. See more artworks here.

Grey Paintings

October 2, 2013Blogt, Recent Exhibitions

You are invited to Grey Paintings by Pablo Gonzalez Trejo at The Floor in Barcelona opening Friday October 18, 2013. Join Us The Floor Musitu 08023 Barcelona, Spain Phone +34 933 01 86 28 Email:

Wasma Mansour

September 24, 2013Artists, Blogt

Wasma Mansour (b. 1980) is a Saudi photographic artist living in United Kingdom and I believe she is doing some kind of art defacing photography with her series ‘Single Saudi Women’ which explores the articulations, constructions as well as the representations of single Saudi women residing in the United Kingdom. See more artworks here.

Paul Stephenson

September 15, 2013Artists, Blogt

Paul Stephenson is doing some art Defacing… see more artworks by Paul here. He has an interesting artist statement: This form of painting is called Sous Rature. Instead of using a blank canvas I take original artwork (not prints or multiples) created by other artists and erase parts of them. The result is destructive and creative, … Read More

Rachel Louise

August 6, 2013Artists, Blogt

Rachel Louise is doing some art defacing mixed media… see more artworks by Rachel Louise here.

Julian Vassallo

March 29, 2013Artists, Blogt

Julian Vassallo is doing some art Defacing photography. See more works by Julian Vassallo here.

Erin Case

November 7, 2012Artists, Blogt

Erin Case is doing some art Defacing collages, this one comes to you via Guillaume Brachon. See more collages by Erin case here.