Chris Fortescue

October 24, 2012Artists, Blogt

Chris Fortescue is doing some art Defacing postcards. Comes to you via RTR Gallery. See more artworks by Chris Fortescue here.

Jonni Cheatwood

October 24, 2012Artists, Blogt

Jonni Cheatwood is doing some art Defacing. Take a look at more artworks by Jonni Cheatwood here.

Lucas Simões

June 17, 2012Artists, Blogt

Lucas Simões is also doing some ignited art defacing photographs. See first post here. See more artworks by Lucas Simões here. Lucas Simões via @pablogt – via @sharethis — Pablo González-Trejo (@pablogt) June 17, 2012

Nina Beier

May 18, 2012Artists, Blogt

Nina Beier is doing some art defacing sculptures. Comes to you via Federico Nessi. See more artworks by Nina Beier at Standard Oslo.

Adrian Piper

April 23, 2012Artists, Blogt

Adrian Piper is doing some art Defacing mixed media artworks. Learn more about Adrian Piper’s Everything will be taken away series here.

Cédric Quissola

April 23, 2012Artists, Blogt

Cédric Quissola is doing some art defacing paintings. See more artworks by Cédric Quissola here.

Paolo Remedy

April 22, 2012Artists, Blogt

Paolo Remedy is doing some kind of art Defacing photography. Se more here. Comes to you via Guillaume Brachon.

Diane Meyer

April 2, 2012Artists, Blogt

Diane Meyer is doing some art defacing photography, some sections of the images have been defaced through a layer of embroidered pixels sewn directly into the photograph. See more artworks by Diane Meyer here. Comes to you via official contributor Guillaume Brachon.

Nandan Ghiya

April 1, 2012Artists, Blogt

Nandan Ghiya is doing some art Defacing pixels paintings. I like the entire treatment of his finished artwork. See more artwork by Nandan Ghiya here. Comes to you via Francisco Rangel.

Király András

April 1, 2012Artists, Blogt

Király András has done some art Defacing paintings of Hungary’s President Pál Schmitt. See more artworks by Király András here.

Nicolas Baudouin

March 30, 2012Artists, Blogt

Nicolas Baudouin is doing some art defacing photography Google Street View style. See more artworks by Nicolas Baudouin here.

Wassim Ghozlani

February 25, 2012Artists, Blogt

Wassim Ghozlani does some art Defacing time lapse photography. Comes to you via Facebook buzz. See more artworks by Wassim Ghozlani here.

Nik Dudukovic

February 25, 2012Artists, Blogt

Nik Dudukovic is doing some art defacing. See more here. Comest to you via NODISEÑO.

Sergei Sviatchenko

February 24, 2012Artists, Blogt

Sergei Sviatchenko is doing some art Defacing. See more artworks by him here. This comes to you via the blog by NODISEÑO.

Pierre Huyghe

January 29, 2012Artists, Blogt

Pierre Huyghe is doing some art Defacing in The Host and The Cloud (2010) a live experiment that became a two-hour film leading the viewer to question his own vision of the things surrounding him, and his relation to collective memory. See some other film stills here.

Boris Achour

January 17, 2012Artists, Blogt

Boris Achour did an art Defacing video for La Force de L’art 2009. You can see this video here. I visited this exhibition back in 2009 and here is my walk.

Joshua Dildine

January 10, 2012Artists, Blogt

Joshua Dildine is doing some art Defacing paintings. See more paintings by Joshua Dildine here.