Geoff Kim

January 10, 2012Artists, Blogt

Geoff Kim is doing some art Defacing collages, see more of his collages here.

Kenichi Hoshine

January 10, 2012Artists, Blogt

Kenichi Hoshine is doing some art Defacing paintings. See more artworks by Kenichi Hoshine here.

Emir Šehanović

January 9, 2012Artists, Blogt

Emir Šehanović does some art Defacing collages rather disturbing but interesting anyhow. See more artworks by Emir Šehanović here.

Jens Hesse

January 9, 2012Artists, Blogt

Jens Hesse might be doing some art Defacing paintings influenced by digital distorted satellite signals. I agree with him… we can find beauty on satellite data drop outs. See more artworks by Jens Hesse here.


January 8, 2012Artists, Blogt

Pochoir is doing some art Defacing paintings. See more artworks by Pochoir here.

Yayoi Kusama

January 8, 2012Artists, Blogt

Yayoi Kusama has in placed a full-fleshed concept she called ‘self obliteration’ better known on this site as ‘Defacing’ but she does not go all the way, she is happy to mark everything with dots which looks nice and dandy but it really obliterates very little. See more of Yayoi Kusama’ artwork here.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2011

December 21, 2011Blogt

I walked Art Basel Miami Beach 2011 art fair while the VIPs where not there yet and it was a very cool experience as I was almost alone walking the show and without the inconvenience of the thousands of people who rush to the art fair. Later on I saw P Diddy and Julian Schnabel walking like … Read More


December 21, 2011Artists, Blogt

Banksy Defaced statue of a Priest is a new addition to The Walker Art Gallery collection. The renowned graffiti artist has sawn off the face of an 18th Century replica stone bust and glued on a selection of bathroom tiles. The resulting ‘pixellated’ portrait is entitled ‘Cardinal Sin’ and is believed to be a comment … Read More

Georges Tony Stoll

December 20, 2011Artists, Blogt

Georges Tony Stoll, a contemporary french artist does some art Defacing photography. Comes to you via Facebook. Read about him on this Frieze article. He has currently a show at Centre d’art contemporain de Noisy-le-Sec, read press release here. Comes to you via Anne Racine on Facebook.

Chad Hagen

December 9, 2011Artists, Blogt

Chad Hagen does some art Defacing artworks. Comes to you via 38º à sombra. Learn more about Chad Hagen here.

Dane Patterson

December 6, 2011Artists, Blogt

Dane Patterson is doing art Defacing drawings with graphite on paper. See more artworks by Dane Patterson here. ??

The Black Keys

November 1, 2011Artists, Blogt

The Black Keys do some explosive art Defacing in their Brothers album promotion. Funny… See below:

Christopher Doyle

October 30, 2011Blogt

Christopher Doyle does some art Defacing layouts for his clients. He did a defaced album cover for The Jezabels. See more here.

Amie Dicke

October 30, 2011Artists, Blogt

Amie Dicke does some art Defacing photographs, I am not sure of the process. Learn more about Amie Dicke’s artworks here.

Richard Vergez

October 29, 2011Artists, Blogt

Richard Vergez does some art Defacing collages. Comes to you via beautifuldecay. Learn more about Richard Vergez here.

Gregory Brellochs

October 29, 2011Artists, Blogt

Gregory Brellochs does some particular drawings I like. Comes to you via but does it float. ??

FIAC 2011

October 23, 2011Blogt

One, two, testing… Here is a personal selection of contemporary art from FIAC 2011. A safe art fair with many chic international parisians and contemporary artworks. See the selection of images taken during my promenade at FIAC 2011 on flickr.

Wilhelm Sasnal

October 22, 2011Artists, Blogt

My favorite artwork on this issue of FIAC 2011 was a painting by Wilhelm Sasnal. Learn more about him here. See more artworks by Wilhelm Sasnal here.