Martin Le Chevallier

February 12, 2018Artists, Blogt

Parallèlement, Martin Le Chevallier réalise des films, des sortes de fictions/concepts au ton inimitable, drôle, décalé et toujours pertinent, entre autre personnifié par l’excellent Gaëtan Vourc’h, l’acteur que l’on retrouve aussi bien dans L’an 2008, une fable burlesque sur la crise des subprimes, que dans Le Jardin d’Attila (2012). Ce dernier moyen métrage, nourri d’une … Read More

Jim Hodges

January 21, 2018Artists, Blogt

In 1986, when Jim Hodges had just graduated from art school, he regularly destroyed his own finished works. The materials he used then — mainly dirt and dust — were throwaways anyway. But these ritual mutilations, he said, reflected “a punk attitude of destruction, a kind of anarchist approach to things.” They were also the … Read More

Yamamoto Masao

January 21, 2018Artists, Blogt

Yamamoto Masao writes the following in Shizuka (Cleanse) Living in the forest, I feel the presence of many “treasures” breathing quietly in nature. I call this presence “Shizuka.” “Shizuka” means cleansed, pure, clear, and untainted. I walk around the forest and harvest my “Shizuka” treasures from soil. I try to catch the faint light radiated … Read More

Joseph Beuys

December 8, 2017Artists, Blogt

Art alone makes life possible – this is how radically I should like to formulate it. I would say that without art man is inconceivable in physiological terms. – Joseph Beuys

Louis Cane

November 21, 2017Artists, Blogt

Ce motif millénaire, il le fend par le milieu. On n’est pas pour rien disciple de Chiang-Tzu ! Et des hémi-femmes qui en découlent il se sert pour river son clou au métal estoffié : à sculpteur cultivé femmes culturistes. C’est là bien sûr qu’il se montre le moins charitable. Quoi de plus drôle en … Read More

Hiroshi Sugimoto

November 14, 2017Artists, Blogt

Photography is dead. That news may come as a surprise, since obituaries about art tend to be written about painting. Invented in the 1830s, photo-graphy is still in its infancy as an art form compared to the centuries-old medium of painting. Despite inventions like portable paint tubes and fast-drying acrylic, painting has not undergone the … Read More

Lee Bae

October 24, 2017Artists, Blogt

Ces oeuvres rappellent le grand intérêt que Lee Bae porte à la matière et à la façon, lente, de la travailler. Elles remettent en avant une quête spirituelle et une dimension du temps omniprésentes dans sa démarche: le temps inhérent à l’histoire même du charbon de bois et à la manière dont il le traite. – … Read More

Xinyi Cheng

September 9, 2017Artists, Blogt

Xinyi Cheng surprend par ses visions doucement perverses de la masculinité occidentale. Et incarne par extension la relation pacifiée à l’appropriation culturelle d’une nouvelle génération d’artistes chinois à la culture visuelle décloisonnée. – Ingrid Luquet-Gad See more artworks by Xinyi Cheng here:

Lothar Quinte

May 19, 2017Artists, Blogt

Artiste allemand installé en Alsace depuis les années 1960, Lothar Quinte fut au début de sa carrière un créateur de vitraux. Il a également participé, dans les années 1950, u mouvement de l’abstraction et de la « peinture pure ». Son art – qui s’est toujours refusé à quelqu’espère de figuration – repose dans ses … Read More

Gillian Carnegie

November 26, 2016Artists, Blogt

There is a crisis with regard to Representation. They are looking for Meaning as if it was a thing. As if it was a girl, required to take her panties off as if she would want to do so, as soon as the true interpreter comes along. As if there was something to take off. … Read More

Russell Tyler

October 13, 2016Artists, Blogt

“I want [the paintings] to have an old, modernist feel, but also looking at abstraction, not from a Greenbergian perspective… but from a nostalgic perspective… it’s adding a more personal perspective… the way we see an image is a little different than a generation before us… because of what media we grew up with.” – … Read More

Frank Stella

July 21, 2016Artists, Blogt

I like real art. It’s difficult to define REAL but it is the best word for describing what I like to get out of art and what the best art has. It has the ability to convince you that it’s present – that it’s there. You could say it’s authentic… but real is actually a … Read More

Natasja Kensmil

July 20, 2016Artists, Blogt

Sometimes when you dream, you know that you are almost awake and dawn is on its way and yet you get stuck in a nightmare that keeps on repeating itself. Images of different times spinning around your head in a frenzy, forcing you to go round in endless labyrinths of the past, sometimes dressed-up as … Read More

Glenn Ligon

July 11, 2016Artists, Blogt

Mostly, though, paint functions as a medium of resistance for Ligon; it occludes visibility and threatens form. Nowhere is such deletion more explicit than in Untitled (Cancelation Prints) (1992 and 2003), where a flesh-coloured ‘X’ overtakes the entire white image field, demarcating the distance between the construct of whiteness and the pinkness of most European … Read More

Sergej Jensen

July 4, 2016Artists, Blogt

Paintings may be pictures, but they are always objects. The blatant materiality of Sergej Jensen’s canvases made them seem part of the interior architecture of Neu’s gallery. Jensen has consistently had an ambivalent relation to the spaces in which he shows his work. Previously at Neu, he arranged mats on the floor that resembled his … Read More

Lucy Skaer

June 30, 2016Artists, Blogt

Lucy Skaer created these drawings consisting of rhythmic black sharpie spirals in grids, pictorial shapes, and patterns additionally filled in with graphite like a tapestry. She wove together different earlier drawings as a patchwork and utilized a few assistants to carry out the tedious, repetitive labor. Here, we see a play with drawing on paper … Read More

Bob Law

June 15, 2016Artists, Blogt

In 1959, Bob Law lay in a Cornish field and wondered how to describe the space he was in. His solution was a series of drawings in which figurative elements – such as trees or houses – are arranged along a doddery pencil line at the perimeter of the paper. A year later, Law had … Read More

Alex Hubbard

June 10, 2016Artists, Blogt

Alex Hubbard’s latest New York solo show, “Somebody had to do it,” combined the cerebrally slapstick and the delightfully inscrutable… Hubbard reaches or steps into the image, moving slowly and with great seriousness as he balances everyday objects, one atop another, to form a rickety tower, until the lot collapses with a bang. – Brian … Read More

Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille

June 10, 2016Artists, Blogt

“Elizabeth Taylor in a landscape, painting nature’s beauty and the caress of the smirking sun over the mountains” est le titre d’une de ces icônes, un petit format à l’huile sur bois qui donne son nom à l’exposition. La star y figure en peintre du dimanche dans un décor idyllique des grands espaces américains. Appliquée, … Read More

Manor Grunewald

June 10, 2016Artists, Blogt

In his recent work Manor Grunewald has made a dual turn, pushing his paintings in two seemingly opposing, but in fact intimately related directions. Towards a washed out, nearly empty field, on the one hand, and towards a full, image-laden one on the other. – Alex Bacon See more artworks by Manor Grunewald here.

Stefan Bruggemann

June 10, 2016Artists, Blogt

Stefan Brüggemann is keen on thinking up titles. So far he has compiled a list of 1,271 of them (‘Show Titles vol. #1’, 2000–6), creating for himself an index of imaginary exhibitions. One might begin, then, with the title of the present show: ‘Soap Box (A Decorative Form of Nihilism)’. A ‘soap box’ would suggest … Read More

Jeremy Demester

June 7, 2016Artists, Blogt

Jeremy Demester: D’origine gitane, que le jeune artiste (né en 1988) revendique à travers son art et ses voyages, il travaille sur le rapport de l’homme avec le monde, la nature et les mythes fondateurs. En collaboration avec ses amis philosophes, scientifiques, artisans, qu’il appelle La Demestria, il est à la recherche d’une expression du … Read More