PC guy John Hodgman is smart-funny

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John Hodgman

John Hodgman the pc guy in the apple ads is super funny and interesting… I heard him in one of my favorite radio shows in stories of hope and fear and I just had to edit it and have you listen to it… it makes me laugh and reflect at the same time… he has a wiki page here where you can read more about him and he has a book as well here

Wet at the Rubell Collection

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Wet at Rubell Collection in the Phidon Book Store

Yesterday I went to the Rubell collection here in Miami to see the current show called Red Eye-L.A. Artists and was happily surprised when I saw the catalog Wet produced by Charo Oquet with one of my paintings on the cover right by the check out machine. The show was like always humbling for someone in my position.

see ramdom images of the show on flikr here
pdf of the show here
32 images of the show here
buy the catalog here

Urban Invader

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Space Invader, an artist who’s work I noticed as I was coming into paris from the expressway last trip and then my friend explained to me that he was an artist. Yesterday I saw his work around the Sacré Coeur church and I thought you should know about it since he has done it in many cities but not in Miami…

His work consist of illegal mosaics using the icons of the popular Space Invaders video game of the 80’s. He has a website and a newsletter telling you where the last intervention happened. go> space-invaders.com

He also has a whole developed philosophy about why he does it and many other articles that can be found on his wikipedia page english french

Here are so far the ones I have seen personally… >>


Best of My Year 2006

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Marie-Agnès Gillot in White Darkness, Ballet de l'Opéra national de Paris, Choreography: Nacho Duato

Love of the year (and many years to come): Elisabeth G
Live Concert of the year: CSS Live in Paris
Kiss of the year: Elisabeth G
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Video Club of the Year: Netflix
Band of the year: CSS
Job of the year: Miami Art Services
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Dance Opera of the year: White Darkness
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Webmail of the year: Gmail
Cellphone of the year: Krzr
Artist of the year: Ida T & Wil M
Porno site of the year: soft-tits.com
Movie of my year: Le Samurai
Book of the year: L’art à perte de Vue
Museum of the year: Palais de Tokyo
Encounter of the year: Axel dC & Laurent dR
Sad School of th year: ENSA Dijon
Site designed this year: chicomalojay.com
Friend of the year: Isa M
City of the year: Paris
Town of the year: La Rochelle
Groove Music of the year: Mulatu Astatke
Video of the Year: Let’s make Love
World Music of the year: Amadou & Mariam

Jumping Artists

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Some of us jump to make ourselves more desirable, and some us to make other artist’s dreams a reality.

This article here below explains a facet of our risky chosen career that up to this point escaped me all together. I saw it happened here in Miami with some good artists but was not aware of the game.

The First Gallerists’ Club
Published: June 18, 2006

In my first podcast published March 11, 2006, I spoke about the artists behind the artists. This article here explains well what I meant to say.

Looks Brilliant on Paper. But Who, Exactly, Is Going to Make It?
Published: May 7, 2006

I just received, hot off amazon Collecting Contemporary By: Adam Lindemann

The first quote on the book can give you an idea what the book might be about. ‘Art is about life, the art market is about money.’ —Damien Hirst. The book contains 40 interviews with the biggest players in the global art market.


Mishima Mon Amour

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I first heard of Mishima from a friend I loved, she told me that he was one of Japan’s greater writers. Time passed and I later purchased in an impulse many of Philip Glass’ recordings. One of them was Mishima, I loved the music and listen to it for more than a year… and one day I had the curiosity of renting the movie (only to be found on netflix, of course). Well, watching a movie when you know all the music by heart is an exhilarating experience, like feeling more every musical accent, or experiencing more of the frames. I have not read any of his books, but now I have a reason to do so. Does anybody know which book of his would be good to start with?

I later saw Glass in concert in Miami with the Screens, good stuff.