Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo, Knife, 25×32inches, 64×82cm, 2007, Oil on Canvas
Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo, Knife, 25 x 32 inches, 64 x 82 cm, 2007, Oil on Canvas

Please join me for an Opening Reception – Vernissage on April 24th in Paris from 6:30-10 pm at Espace Helenbeck at 17, rue des Beaux Arts, 75006, Paris, Rigth in front of the Art School. Exhibition runs until June 2nd.


  • Felicitaciones Pablo!!!
    Ya veo que en poco tiempo has podido entrar en el sistema expositivo parisino
    Espero todo salga de maravilla, tu trabajo es bueno y tu tambien lo eres.

    Un abrazo y muchos triunfos.


  • bravo, pablo!

    recibi la invitacion al vernissage… te deseo muchas cosas buenas en
    paris! te lo mereces por ser tan buen artista y tan buena gente…
    muchas bendiciones y mantenme informado, raimundo

  • Hi Pablo,

    I´ve known your work for while. It is interesting, I just realized that we both showed with Virginia Miller in 2004 at the Latin American Invitational.
    Congratulations on your works. They are lovely and seriously inspiring. I want to run over to my studio and get started working when I see them.
    I am especially moved by your drawings.

    Good luck with your show in Paris!


  • Thank you for the invite! I will not be Paris at that time, though!
    Much success to you!
    Michelle Valentine

  • Pablo,
    Mucha surte en la exposicion, espero poder mas trabajos tuyos pronto.
    Estoy seguro que vas a tener mucho exito.

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