Le journal Particules

Le journal Particules; reflexions about contemporary art, is a free journal I noticed in Paris last January, it has a website with the articles for you cool us-miami francophones, also those of you in the arts that want to practice French (specially artmonger), this is perfect for it. The articles I read were great, to the point in sometimes complicated French but most times easy to read French. I loved it… they allow themselves to make comments you would never see in artforum or frieze. enjoy it go>


  • Hey, I got the one you sent with A. and skimmed it. I haven’t sat down in depth with it yet, but there seems to be at least one really funny/intriguing article . . .

  • ok, yeah let me know more about it…when you read it… they seem to have an open editor situation where lots of things are a green light go> where in other reviews is not.

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