Forests & Boutonnières

October 23, 2015

Intense moments of perception with the subtleties and grandeur of nature—and they are often one and the same—are among the most potent and lasting archetypes of Beauty and Transcendence which we, citizens of the post-industrial world, still experience. These moments—a small flower blossoming, a spider web, a chrysalis, the arousal from sleep of hidden faunae, … Read More

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End to Defacing

September 7, 2014

As Defacing art project comes to an end, I wanted to clarify its bases. Defacing art project was imagined with a simple idea, naturally, to change the perception of the past and to create a new future, which will in turn become our present. As impossible as it may seem, it was poetic and plausible … Read More

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Defacing (Définition du Concept)

June 27, 2009

Defacing est né avec une simple idée, naturelle, de changer le passé pour avoir un autre futur, qui deviendra à son tour notre présent. Aussi impossible que cela puisse paraitre, cela me sembla poétique et faisable. Vivre dans le passé sans profiter du présent est une caractéristique de nombreux émigrants, et je voulais changer cet … Read More

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January 10, 1999

If what we are is based on the experiences we have lived, and the memories of these experiences mutate with time, then we are no more than just a metaphor of ourselves.

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