Lucy Skaer

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Lucy Skaer

Lucy Skaer created these drawings consisting of rhythmic black sharpie spirals in grids, pictorial shapes, and patterns additionally filled in with graphite like a tapestry. She wove together different earlier drawings as a patchwork and utilized a few assistants to carry out the tedious, repetitive labor. Here, we see a play with drawing on paper at an architectural scale. A tension exists between the intricate, repetitive detail in graphite (which we may see as lushly decorative) and the bodily scale shift to a larger, wholesome framework. – Drawing Art Center

Arnulf Rainer

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Arnulf Rainer did some art Defacing and was once one of my favorites, I am not sure why I did not think of him earlier when I started blogging about Defacing. Read more on him here.

See Italy and Die

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L'origine du monde by Gustave Courbet

We were invited to the opening reception of See Italy and Die at the Musée d’Orsay and it was OK… but what we really liked was to walk on an empty museum without guards…(defacing was not on my head… not really!… OK maybe just a little) We stumble into some beauties by Degas and others…

Musée d'OrsayMusée d'OrsayMusée d'OrsayMusée d'OrsayMusée d'OrsayMusée d'Orsay

Replay Giorgio de Chirico

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Giorgio de Chirico

Giorgio de Chirico at the Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris is a chilling representation of an artist’s life with his replays where he did his self forgeries to get back at critics and buyers… learn more, google.

Giorgio de ChiricoGiorgio de ChiricoGiorgio de ChiricoGiorgio de ChiricoGiorgio de Chirico

Netz Dickicht

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Netz Dickicht

Here are a few pics of Gerhard Richter’s artwork at a recently opened exhibition at the Marian Goodman Gallery in Paris… Some abstract paintings have titles like NETZ (Net), WEISS (White), DICKICHT (Thicket) and GESTEIN (Stone) that make discreet allusions to nature. Take a look…

p1060609.jpg p1060610.jpg p1060611.jpg p1060612.jpg
p1060613.jpg p1060614.jpg p1060615.jpg p1060616.jpg
p1060617.jpg p1060618.jpg p1060619.jpg p1060620.jpg

Domfenster at Köln Dom

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Domfenster at Köln Dom

Domfestner is a 20 meter high stained glass window at the Köln Dom Cathedral based on Gerhard Richter’s 1970 abstract work titled “4096 Farben” or 4096 Colors for those like me that don’t know German… this artwork features, squares of colors rendered from the color palette of a printing ink manufacturer and you can see it in a previous post. Deconstruction of iconography are the keywords here but it works refreshingly well at the church, it is one of those few places where you can see contemporary art in a Gothic church. You can see more of this window on flickr

Gerhard Richter

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Koln, originally uploaded by pablogt.

Last weekend I had a nice love weekend with my girl in Koln were we visited the city (Gerhard Richter’s home town) and the Ludwig Museum where there was a Piet Mondrian exhibition with cool retrospective artworks and where it was very hard to take pictures, but I took some for the fun anyways… The museum had lots of German artists were I was able to check out my fetish artists Richter and Polke and many others. We did not buy cologne water… lol more on Gerhard Richter here, more on the museum here, see the slide show here

Back to Frogland…

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Ferdinand Hodler

Back in Paris and getting busy. A friend (Brent) invited me to see an exhibition at the Musée d’Orsay of swiss painter Ferdinand Hodler of the Modernist movement known for his portraits and landscapes. I have to say I did not know this painter… but some works were interesting to me…I found it coincidental how the subject of mortality was there at the end of his life’s work… and I am worring about it now… hmmm

Ferdinand Hodler 7 Ferdinand Hodler 6 Ferdinand Hodler 5 Ferdinand Hodler 8
Ferdinand Hodler 4 Ferdinand Hodler 3 Ferdinand Hodler 2 Ferdinand Hodler 1

Sigmar Polke

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P1030203.JPG, originally uploaded by pablogt.

Sigmar Polke is the master… king of the biennale… it felt like he had the most wall space of any other artist, long time ago (97) I saw his retrospective in Germany with a title that never left me… The Three Lies of Painting, his exhibition made me changed my way of seeing painting… back then and today confirms it… his work is it for me… read about him here

Eric Duyckaerts

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P1030133.JPG, originally uploaded by pablogt.

One of my teachers at Beaux Art Dijon, Eric Duyckaerts was selected to represent his native country of Belgium for the Venice Biennale 07 and I was happy to see his crazy philosophical work installed… he does philosophical art lectures as pieces of artwork (he talks about La Linea in this video still) that are funny and intriguing… loved it… read more here, see stills of his work here.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

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P1030210.JPG, originally uploaded by pablogt.

A Cuban in Venice, the other day I was able to see the catalogue raisonne of Wifredo Lam and saw that he shot lots of what looks like super eight in Venice back on his days… It is a shame that this, my favorite and most influential Cuban artist is dead… to know that Felix Gonzalez-Torres, a Cuban-born American artist who died in 1996, has been chosen to represent the United States at the 2007 Venice Biennale is a testimony of how important his work is today… some may say that their collectors promote his work to give value to the artwork… but you can see in the pictures, people were crazy to get his prints… proof that his ideas of social artwork do work.
Read more here

Venice Biennale 07

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Venice Biennale

The Venice Biennale is the 52nd International Art Exhibition with the subtitle Think with the Senses – Feel with the Mind … it was interesting… yet it let me empty… It ends in a few days and here are a few pics (379) for you to review the artwork shown at this survey of contemporary art. enjoy virtual tour here

Super Flat

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Denied to participate but always fascinated by the superflat culture… Congratulations to the TM Sisters and David Leroi… Take a look at this video about Takashi Murakami’s theory of the super flat done by the BBC: Toying with Art