David Szauder

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 Failed Memory by David Szauder

David Szauder is doing some digital art defacing with his project Failed Memory inspired by the parallels between human and digital memory. See more artworks by David Szauder here.

Wasma Mansour

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Wasma Mansour (b. 1980) is a Saudi photographic artist living in United Kingdom and I believe she is doing some kind of art defacing photography with her series ‘Single Saudi Women’ which explores the articulations, constructions as well as the representations of single Saudi women residing in the United Kingdom. See more artworks here.

Diane Meyer

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Diane Meyer is doing some art defacing photography, some sections of the images have been defaced through a layer of embroidered pixels sewn directly into the photograph. See more artworks by Diane Meyer here. Comes to you via official contributor Guillaume Brachon.

Yayoi Kusama

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Yayoi Kusama has in placed a full-fleshed concept she called ‘self obliteration’ better known on this site as ‘Defacing’ but she does not go all the way, she is happy to mark everything with dots which looks nice and dandy but it really obliterates very little. See more of Yayoi Kusama’ artwork here.

Georges Tony Stoll

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Georges Tony Stoll, a contemporary french artist does some art Defacing photography. Comes to you via Facebook. Read about him on this Frieze article. He has currently a show at Centre d’art contemporain de Noisy-le-Sec, read press release here. Comes to you via Anne Racine on Facebook.