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Banksy Defaced statue of a Priest is a new addition to The Walker Art Gallery collection.

The renowned graffiti artist has sawn off the face of an 18th Century replica stone bust and glued on a selection of bathroom tiles. The resulting ‘pixellated’ portrait is entitled ‘Cardinal Sin’ and is believed to be a comment on the abuse scandal in the Church and its subsequent cover- up.

“I’m never sure who deserves to be put on a pedestal or crushed under one”

– Banksy

Read more here. Comes to you via Guillaume Brachon.

Christian Boltanski

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See some Christian Boltanski’s pictures in Monumenta 2010. I liked this odd exhibition but like always… so far, so close. January 1st, 2010, my soon to be family in law had breakfast with Christian Boltanski and Annette Messager. These are artists that I will love to meet … but no luck. I’ll tell you the story. My future parents in law run a beautiful bed & breakfast (La Maison du Cordon) in a small town in Burgundy (Aignay-le-Duc) where a very important french artist lives (Bertand Lavier) … so far this reads like an art fairy tale and you will tell me it is not possible… but yes, they came to spend new year’s eve with Lavier and so they slept in my parents in law’s B&B. I think next New Year’s eve I will spend it in Burgundy … just in case.

Eric Duyckaerts

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One of my teachers at Beaux Art Dijon, Eric Duyckaerts was selected to represent his native country of Belgium for the Venice Biennale 07 and I was happy to see his crazy philosophical work installed… he does philosophical art lectures as pieces of artwork (he talks about La Linea in this video still) that are funny and intriguing… loved it… read more here, see stills of his work here.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

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A Cuban in Venice, the other day I was able to see the catalogue raisonne of Wifredo Lam and saw that he shot lots of what looks like super eight in Venice back on his days… It is a shame that this, my favorite and most influential Cuban artist is dead… to know that Felix Gonzalez-Torres, a Cuban-born American artist who died in 1996, has been chosen to represent the United States at the 2007 Venice Biennale is a testimony of how important his work is today… some may say that their collectors promote his work to give value to the artwork… but you can see in the pictures, people were crazy to get his prints… proof that his ideas of social artwork do work.
Read more here

Venice Biennale 07

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Venice Biennale

The Venice Biennale is the 52nd International Art Exhibition with the subtitle Think with the Senses – Feel with the Mind … it was interesting… yet it let me empty… It ends in a few days and here are a few pics (379) for you to review the artwork shown at this survey of contemporary art. enjoy virtual tour here

Super Flat

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Denied to participate but always fascinated by the superflat culture… Congratulations to the TM Sisters and David Leroi… Take a look at this video about Takashi Murakami’s theory of the super flat done by the BBC: Toying with Art

Skulls in Contemporary Art

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hirstskull.jpg, originally uploaded by pablogt.

Now that I have joined the skull making club of contemplation on life and death, youthful beauty, the brevity of human life, the inevitability of death, or simply the fashion wave, which ever suits you… I would like you to send images of skulls present in the contemporary art scene only, this to add it to my skull flickr set… see the slide show here
read more in vanity here, skull symbolism here and hirst’s skull here.