de- + face

Rhymes: -eɪs

Infinitive to deface

Third person singular

Simple past

Past participle

Present participle

to deface (third-person singular simple present defaces, present participle defacing, simple past and past participle defaced)

1. To damage something in a visible or conspicuous manner.
* 1869: George Eliot, The Legend of Jubal

That wondrous frame where melody began / Lay as a tomb defaced that no eye cared to scan.

2. To void or devalue; to nullify or degrade the face value.

He defaced the I.O.U. notes by scrawling “void” over them.

* 1776: Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations

One-and-twenty worn and defaced shillings, however, were considered as equivalent to a guinea, which perhaps, indeed, was worn and defaced too, but seldom so much so.

[edit] Translations

* Finnish: turmella, vahingoittaa


* (damage in a conspicuous way): disfigure, mar, obliterate, scar, vandalize
* (degrade the face value): cancel, devalue, nullify, void

Derived terms

* defacement

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